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Internet Explorer Test Center updates; Rely on Declarative Security features – IE’s compatibility features for site developers

It’s great to see that the web community and browser vendors are getting value out of the test cases on IE Testing Center. As a result, we updated 15 test cases on IE Testing Center, submitted those updates to W3C, and updated the results tables for same set of browsers listed in May. Here’s the breakdown of changes:

CSS3 Media Queries – Updated 3 cases based on CSS working group feedback
CSS3 Selectors – Updated 2 cases to based on CSS working group feedback
HTML5 – Foreign Content Tests – Updated 10 cases based on SVG working group feedback

“Cutting edge web apps push the boundaries of web development model. In security space, this raises an interesting question – who owns security for a web app built on a complex platform hierarchy? Is it app at the top of the stack, intermediate platform component, or browser itself? We believe that web app security is a shared responsibility between browser client, web platform components (such as ASP.Net), and web apps themselves. Any shared security responsibility can potentially lead to finger-pointing whenever a vulnerability is encountered,” writes IE team.

“Site developers have been clear that they want interoperability and standards compliance (or “Same markup”) for newer technologies as well as backward compatibility for their existing sites. As IE changes and supports new technologies, developers will still want, in some scenarios, IE’s legacy behavior. There’re many different technologies that enable developers to adjust how IE runs their site’s markup. The main ones include IE Developer Tool’s Browser Mode and Document Mode, X-UA-Compatible Meta tag and HTTP Header, and Conditional Comments,” IE team.

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