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Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Preview 3 vs. Firefox 4.0 pre-Beta vs. Safari vs. Chrome 5.0 Hardware Acceleration using Amazon Shelf

In the first set of IE9’s browser hardware acceleration tests, Microsoft used Flickr Explorer, and for latest test, company leveraged Amazon Shelf app. “Much like Flickr Explorer, Amazon Shelf is written using standard HTML, CSS and Javascript. Amazon Shelf also incorporates a key new HTML5 feature – canvas element,” explained Seth McLaughlin.

“Chrome is able to update the screen once every 0.99 seconds, yielding a frame rate of about 1 FPS during the bookshelf load animation:

During load animation, Safari doesn’t attempt to render the scene at all, resulting in an effective 0 frames per second:

With Minefield 4.0b2pre nightly Firefox 4 Beta, the animation rendered properly, and screen updated twice every .25 seconds, yielding a frame rate of about 8 FPS:

Finally, IE9’s full usage of GPU results in a steady, smooth 60 FPS. CPU handles the task without any trouble and rests frequently while GPU renders Amazon Shelf to the screen:


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