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Intel shows Single-chip Cloud Computer (SCC) 48-core processor

Intel’s Single-chip Cloud Computer: 24 dual-core tiles on a 567mm2 die

Intel announced the Single-chip Cloud Computer (SCC), an experimental 48-core processor designed to encourage research and development in massively parallel computation. Measuring 567 square millimetres about size of a postage stamp. SCC combines 24 dual-core processing elements, each with its own router, four DDR3 memory controllers capable of handling up to 8GB apiece, and a very fast on-chip network. SCC, previously code-named Rock Creek, is fabricated in 45nm technology. On-chip network’s configured as a 6×4 node, two-dimensional mesh. It has a bandwidth of 256GBps, and each core can run its own independent software as a fully functional IA-32 processor. Memory, 384KB of its shared between all cores, primarily to speed message passing, while power management can independently control eight variable-voltage and 28 variable-frequency areas of the chip. This controls power consumption, setting it between 25 and 125 watts.

More info: ZDNet

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