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Intel Core 2 Duo X6800 Overclocked To 5.3GHz

The Core microarchitecture has been the best thing that came from Intel in the past period of time, and their success with the processors built on the new technology got the cash flowing through their veins again. AMD processors’ superiority due to a better architecture, so Intel took notes on what made them famous, and brought their technology down bit by bit, everything was modified, optimized, so that it would overcome AMD’s offerings.

One of the best features of the Core microarchitecture is the overclocking ability is has proven to possess, and soon it became everybody’s business to try and raise the stakes higher than previous hardware freaks, so when air cooling wasn’t enough, they switched to water cooling, and when it became of no good use, they went on to phase change and then, ultimately, overclockers resorted to Liquid Nitrogen (LN). Doing so, the overclocking capabilities of the processor weren’t limited anymore by heat dissipation.

Record after record arose, and every newcomer took the bar a little higher, and now a team of overclockers has done just that, by taking an Intel Core 2 Duo and seeing just how high they can take it to. They also used an Abit AB9 motherboard, OCZ Flexline PC-9200 DDR2 memory, an NVIDIA 6200LE graphics card, an OCZ 600W GamerXstream power supply and one 80GB Maxtor HDD. Their experiment began with air cooling, then they switched to phase change cooling and cascade phase change cooling and then to liquid nitrogen.

On each attempt, they have successfully established some clear results, both in frequencies and in benchmarking scores. Air cooling took the processor to 3920 MHz and calculated SuperPi 1M in 12.968 seconds; phase change cooling got them to 4487 MHz and 11.531 seconds in SuperPi 1M, and with LN2 they got up to 5200 MHz and a cool 9.84 seconds in SuperPi 1M. The highest frequency they reached wasn’t stable enough to run SuperPI, but it got up to 5305 MHz. The results of the test can be found on the website Madshripms.be.

Source:→ softpedia

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