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Installing Windows 7 on MacBook Air via SuperDrive

Many of the people have complained that they couldn’t install Windows 7 Beta using our USB tips on PC as well Mac. I’ve written them the soultion, and will post the same on blog later. Meanwhile, you can read this post on installing Windows 7 Beta on a MacBook Air via SuperDrive.

The MacBook Air allows accessing a wirelessly shared DVD/CD-ROM. Did it work to boot and install from it? Short answer, no. I have 2 wireless networks at home, one for video streaming (802.11n), one for web, email etc (802.11g). Only the latter was visible. The transmission is protected via WPA2. I was able to connect to the network form the MBA boot screen but I was not able to see the disk I had shared via the Apple utility on the same network on an XP box. Even removing WPA and opening the network wide did not yield any results. Note to self: Requires more testing.

Installation via SuperDrive: Connecting the DVD drive, rebooting the MBA and waiting for the DVD media to appear in the boot menu while pressing the Option key. After selecting the DVD icon, everything continued to go very smooth. Well, I had to reboot once because I missed the “Press any key to boot from DVD …” dialog and the system booted back into Windows Vista.

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