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Inline Installation Increases Chrome Web Store Download; V8 Benchmark Suite v7 Extended with Physics Simulation

Google just informed that they are now seeing millions of downloads per day of daily app and extensions thanks to the “inline installation” feature, that allow Chrome users who visit a web site to install apps and extensions directly without requiring them to visit the Chrome Web Store.

With inline installation, user sees the same Add To Chrome dialog prompt that they would on the store, confirm the install, and they’re done – all without leaving your site. Inline installation is composed of two parts: a declarative tag and a chrome.webstore.install() JavaScript function. You must also verify the link between the site that is triggering the inline installation and the equivalent item in the Chrome Web Store.

Implementing inline installationHere is how to implement “inline installation”:

  1. Provide a link to your Chrome Web Store item.
  2. Write some script to check for whatever client-side capabilities your app requires (support for WebGL, the Web Audio API, etc). Modernizr is a great library to use for this.
  3. Call a JavaScript function to initiate the install process.

Here are a few examples of the impact of inline installation:

  • Chrome extensions Evernote Clearly and Evernote Web Clipper derive 15% and 25% of their Chrome installations (respectively) from their inline installation implementation
  • Rovio implemented inline installation for their Angry Birds Chrome game and saw their install rate jump by almost 10%)
  • Equire, a CRM extension that integrates with Gmail, saw a 66% increase in Chrome user retention after they implemented inline installation.

The full details and documentation for using inline installation can be found here.

Google also released version 7 of the V8 Benchmark Suite. “The v7 adds Oliver Hunt’s 2D Navier-Stokes fluid dynamic simulation, which stresses intense double array computations,” informs Google.

“With these additions, the V8 Benchmark Suite is now a more comprehensive collection of eight tests, including OS kernel simulation, crypto and string operations, memory management stress-tests, and as of today, double array computations,” Google blogged.

“The new test shows the recent improvements V8 has made in handling advanced physics computations: the current Chrome 18 (today in beta) delivers a 5% score improvement compared to the current Chrome 17. Chrome 19 (today in canary), where the full set of improvements is being released, delivers a whopping 25% score improvement compared to Chrome 17.”

V8 Benchmark Suite version 7

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