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Improving Flex Interaction with AJAX

Comtaste Consulting have an interesting post on creating an ObjectManager to improve the Flex interaction with Ajax or JavaScript where they evoke different issues and limits to access Flex from JavaScript. In the post, Francesco recommended using Flex Ajax Bridge, which is included in Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 2.5, allowing to make your ActionScript classes available to JavaScript without any additional coding.

While the functionalities offered by the External Interface class of the Flash Player can solve the easiest cases of ActionScript/JavaScript interaction, it is advisable to use the FABridge (Flex Ajax Bridge) in the most complex situations, in presence of user-defined classes or when we should define an interface to make JavaScript dialog with ActionScript and vice-versa.

There is still a problem you could face in both cases (with FABridge or ExternalInterface), if you try to access Flex component just after html onload event is fired while the swf files not loaded. There is a proposed solution to resolve it, by disabling the Flex application from JavaScript. The next post will be on creating an ObjectManager in JavaScript to handle this issue.

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