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Improved Blogger’s Template HTML Editor – Global Human Trafficking Hotline Launched

To help those make changes to your blogs template using HTML, CSS or JavaScript, Google made some enhancements to its blogging platform Blogger.com‘s Template HTML Editor.

The new and improved HTML template editor now supports “line numbering, syntax highlighting, auto-indentation and code folding to make editing your template much easier,” informs Google.

In addition, Google also added a “Format template” button that automatically cleans up the indentation of the template, and also made it possible to search for text by pressing “Ctrl+F” once you’ve clicked into the editor.

“To find and replace text occurrences one by one, use “Ctrl+Shift+F” or to find and replace all occurrences at once, use “Ctrl+Shift+R”,” expalins Google.

Improvements to Blogger.com template HTML editor

Below are the steps to move the date of a blog post underneath the post title:

  1. Click the “Template” tab on the Blogger dashboard, then the “Edit HTML” button, to see the new template HTML editor:
  2. Locate the “Blog1” widget quickly using the new “Jump to widget” drop down:
  3. This widget controls how your blog posts are displayed. The code inside the widget is folded by default. Clicking the new fold markers ‘►’ next to the line numbers expands the widget and reveals a set of “includable” tags:
  4. Inside the “main” includable is the block of code that renders the post date:
  5. Cut the post date code section and move it to where we want it, in this case, under the post title in the “post” includable:
  6. To check the changes, click the new “Preview template” button to see the updates:
  7. Done! The post date is exactly where we want it, so tab back to “Edit template”, hit “Save template” and we’re done!

Here are some more pics of the above steps:

Save Template

Line numbers

block of code

block of code cut and move to desired location

In other Google news, following the instant results for definitions and local time, Google Translates’s OneBox has a new card-style interface inspired by Google Now.

To trigger this OneBox, search for “translate”, followed by the text you want to translate. You could also add the destination language say for example: [translate mein luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller aale into french].

Additionally, you can also search for [word in language] or [word to language]. For example: [breakfast in Spanish], [estrella to English].

This also works for short phrases and expressions.

Card-Style Google Translate OneBox

Working with Polaris Project, Liberty Asia and La Strada International, Google has launched a new Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network, to provide vital help to victims in need across the United States, the Mekong Delta region and Europe.

“Human trafficking is perhaps the most devastating, enslaving nearly 21 million people and generating at least $32 billion of illicit profits every year. Google is granting $3 million to Polaris Project, Liberty Asia, and La Strada International for anti-trafficking efforts –that totals to $14.5 million.”

“The network will collect data from local hotline efforts, share promising practices and create anti-trafficking strategies that build on common patterns and focus on eradication, prevention and victim protection,” Google stated.

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