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IE8 Beta 2: Platform improvements

This post gives an overview of the web platform changes in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2.

The Layout Engine: First and foremost, the IE8 Beta 2 implemented every property in CSS 2.1 specification by the time it’s released. This work includes improved support for many existing CSS 2.1 scenarios such as selectors, visual formatting (display, positioning and sizing) and text; significant progress on the features first introduced in Beta 1 such as generated content, counters and outline; and some new and improved features such as the CSS3 writing-mode property (currently behind –ms prefix.) In addition to the standards compliance work we have done, we have contributed more tests for the CSS 2.1 Test Suite including tests in support of the Accessibility Rich Internet Applications (WAI – ARIA) draft standard.

The Programmability Engine: IE team also been improving our programmability engine. In addition to working on performance gains across the entire programmability stack, including in the core JavaScript engine, we’ve implemented mutability in our Document Object Model prototypes as well as attribute getters and setters in order to enable web developers and framework builders to extend our object model.[…]

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