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id Softwares Goes Steam

“We’re going to be releasing our games over Steam,” says Carmack. “Our entire library, DOOM 3 and back, will be available on Steam. There’s no doubt that we think digital distribution is the way of the future. In fact, I wonder if the next generation consoles will even have an optical drive — more likely working entirely off digital distribution.” That future-casting stuff is great — and I, for one, am right there with him. Browbeating brick and mortar (no, I don’t want to pre-order a game coming in 2009, thankyouverymuch) stores can’t dry up soon enough.

But, back to another point: it’s all going to be available on Steam?

“I don’t know if you’ll see Enemy Territory Quake Wars released day and date with the retail release — I don’t know that side of the business — but it isn’t like Steam or Source is a competitor. I still take a degree of pride in the fact that there’s still a bit of me, a bit of Quake I code, left in the Source engine. Try looking sometime and you’ll probably still find comment fields from Robert Duffy and myself.”

Laughing now, he adds, “I look through it and think, I wrote that 10 years ago.” They never started with a clean sheet of paper. They had the Quake I license, built Half-Life on it and just kept building and creating on top of that. They bought out their license with us to have infinite distribution. There’s a lineage and a character there and I’m real happy being a part of that.”

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