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The Hunger Games Movie with Groundbreaking New IE9 Site Launches

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team and Lionsgate, launched a “game-changing” Web experience that pulls visitors into the world of The Hunger Games from the moment they step off their train in the Capitol city.

The site, powered by HTML5 and CSS3, is animated, colorful and true to the style of the movie and the book, said Ryan Gavin, general manager for Internet Explorer.

“A little plot background, for those who haven’t read the bestselling trilogy: The Hunger Games is set in the future, and North America (now called Panem) consists of 12 districts that work to support Panem’s Capitol. As punishment for the districts’ past rebellions against the Capitol, every year one boy and girl from each district are selected to participate in the “Hunger Games,” in which they fight for their lives in an elaborate outdoor arena. The trilogy follows the story of Katniss Everdeen, a 16-year-old who volunteers to compete in the games to spare her little sister, whose name was chosen to participate in the Hunger Games’ annual lottery,” Microsoft posted.

Addi, “Visitors will see the city’s iconic skyline, with a breathtaking level of detail down to the twinkling stars and drifting clouds. They’ll see the highly fashionable Capitol citizens out and about in the city, and even cross paths with some of the iconic characters from the books and movie,” the company explained.

Visitors can do things like tour the Capitol, visit the Avenue of Tributes, and hear an address from President Snow.

Along with the Capitol Tour and the other Hunger Games experiences launch, the team will be adding even more in the weeks to come, including a training center where visitors can see Hunger Games competitors exercising and preparing for the games, and a memorabilia center where visitors can explore artifacts and weapons used in previous Hunger Games.

The memorabilia center is not found in the book or movie, but takes elements from both and brings them to life, but the filmmakers thought the center was in keeping with the story, and liked the idea of having such an exclusive experience for fans on the Web, Gavin said.

“Visitors will be able to look at items, rotate them, and see information about how they were used and what they do. It’s what a museum of the future will look like,” Gavin said. “It’s the perfect opportunity for uber-fans of the book series to go geek out on the history of the Hunger Games.”

To receive notifications about Hunger Games content updates, users should pin the site to their Internet Explorer 9 toolbar, he said.

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