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Humanized Reader: Perpetual Scrolling Blog Aggregator

Atul — As soon as I heard about the concept of Web syndication, I wanted to take advantage of it. Reading on the web would be so much more convenient: I could just go to one place to find the information I wanted, instead of visiting a bunch of different blogs every day to see if they had anything new.

An aggregator is just a program that grabs syndication feeds from the websites you read and shows you what’s new on them. It sounds like a simple concept.

Why couldn’t reading an aggregator be as simple as reading a blog?

So as a little side project, we decided to try making our own aggregator based on that idea. It’s a work in progress, certainly, but we like what we’ve come up with so far. In fact, we’re inclined to think it’s even easier than reading a blog, because of a nifty feature we implemented. We call it Humanized History, and we’re hoping that you don’t even notice what it is, because that’s sort of its point: to let you spend more time reading, and less time thinking about navigation.

Take a look

humaniaed | ajaxian

Humanized Reader: Perpetual Scrolling Blog Aggregator

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