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HP Open Sources WebOS, Now Called Open WebOS 1.0

Enyo Open Source webOSHewlett-Packard said that it has begun the open-sourcing of mobile operating system webOS, which now called as “Open WebOS 1.0”, and that the company is making available the Enyo 2.0 core application framework code today to developers under open source licensing.

Enyo is an object-oriented JavaScript framework that works “on any platform with a modern web runtime.” The first version of the framework used for all of the apps on the HP TouchPad, targeted webOS development specifically.

Enyo v. 2.0, part of the today’s release also includes the core of Enyo 2.0, which will be the foundation for Enyo going forward. It expands Enyo’s “write once, run anywhere” capability to even more platforms, from mobile devices to desktop web browsers. It works on many of the most popular web browsers, including Chrome, IE 9, Firefox, and Safari.

Sam Greenblatt, CTO and head of technical strategy for the open webOS project said, “While 2.0 does not yet include any UI widgets, the core will support a wide variety of libraries and add-ons. A UI widget set for 2.0 will be released in the near future.” Adding he said, “Upcoming releases include our distribution of WebKit, which will support not only HTML5, but also Silverlight and Flash through the use of plug-ins. It will enable the rendering of webpages to HTML Canvas and 3-D textures, and will support a wide range of application interfaces, including multi-touch.”

HP went on to say that they’re planning on major releases for WebOS almost every month for the next six or seven months, which will “change up” the WebOS internals in a big way, apparently.

WebOS will move to the Apache 2.0 licence, and HP said that “it provides a legal framework that balances open innovation and a dependable user experience, which is consistent with HP’s vision for webOS.” They also say that it’ll be possible for developers to get early Open WebOS builds onto their Touchpads during the year, however end users can expect their first taste in late summer.

Finally, HP said that they’re looking at “all” WebOS devices to see if they’re able to make Open WebOS available to them. If you bought the original Palm Pre, chin up! You may have a shiny new OS soon.

HP open sources webOS Enyo 2.0

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