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HP MediaSmart Server EX485 and EX487 – Bring built-in Mac Backup, Powerful Media Management, and more

HP announced the launch of a new version of their MediaSmart Server, which will be released in the US next month. The two new HP MediaSmart Server models – the EX485 & EX487 (codenamed “Encore”). A home server design that will be familiar now to many but with new, powerful media sharing, streaming and management software built on top of the core OS that opens up the path to a new generation of home servers.

Encore retains the chassis of the previous models, with minor cosmetic changes to the front panel lights, which are now light blue and the top panel of the server which is now black rather than silver. Internally, however, the hardware is upgraded with 2Gb of RAM installed and a 64-bit ready Intel Celeron 440 processor replacing the previous model’s AMD Sempron. This should negate the need for hardware upgrades in the future, and make transition to a 64-bit platform in the future much easier for owners of the new system.

HP have built a new suite of exclusive add-ins on top of the base Windows Home Server platform to ensure that the EX485 and EX487 truly live up to their “MediaSmart” promise. In the new home server, you’ll find:

  • Mac Backup (backup data on Macs running OSX 10.5 or greater)
  • Media Collector (searches all home computers for music, videos and photos continually, and automatically copies them over to your shares )
  • HP Photo Publisher (publish your photos to a wide range of online photo services including Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Snapfish or publish online on your own home server)
  • Web Media Streamer (streams music and photos stores on your home server to a remote computer or device over the Internet)
  • HP Photo Viewer (create and view slideshows of your photos for family and friends)
  • Online Backup (backup your shares online using an Amazon S3 powered storage solution)
  • Twonky MediaServer 5.0 (upgraded from the previous model)
  • iTunes Server (play music and videos stored on your home server in iTunes)
  • Power Management (schedule the home server to sleep when not in use)
  • McAfee Total Protection Service (Anti-virus protection)

Manufacturer: HP           Model: HP MediaSmart Server EX487
Price: $749                       Website: http://www.hp.com


Source:→ WGS

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