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How to run Hyper-V Management Tools with alternate credentials

Follow the below steps to run Hyper-V Management Tools with Alternate Credentials:

runas /user:Administrator mmc — This prompt for local administrator password and then started a blank MMC console.

Load Hyper-V .MSC file: runas /user:Administrator “mmc \”C:\Program Files\Hyper-V\virtmgmt.msc\””

Note that \” is an escaped quote (needed for quotes inside of quotes).  This prompted me for a password and ran the Hyper-V Manager.

Get rid of password prompt: runas /savecred /user:Administrator “mmc \”C:\Program Files\Hyper-V\virtmgmt.msc\””

Create a shortcut that passed this whole command to CMD.EXE – as follows: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /s /c “runas /savecred /user:Administrator “mmc \”C:\Program Files\Hyper-V\virtmgmt.msc\”””

Final steps: Get shortcut a Hyper-V icon from “%ProgramFiles%\Hyper-V\SnapInAbout.dll” and to change the shortcut to run minimized by default.

Source:→ Virtual PC Guy

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