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How To Quickly Test Remote SQL Connectivity Using Any Account?

Have you ever been troubleshooting a problem with remote SQL Iproxy MP, remote DB, etc) and wanted to test to see if the local system account (or any account for that matter) could make a remote connection to SQL but you didn’t want to install the SQL tools just to make that test? Seems there is a file type — UDL file — that you can simply create that bring up a window to allow testing of remote connections to SQL.

Microsoft’s own Steve Rachui explains how to quickly and easily test remote SQL connectivity using any account you like:

Test remote SQL connectivity

“Just go anywhere on your system and create an empty text file named anything but instead of txt make sure the extension is UDL. Then, double-click on the file and up pops a SQL connectivity window to allow testing of remote SQL connections.

Very easy to use to test connectivity with a known user account or as local system (using PSExec).”


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