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How to publish Photos to Flickr with HP MediaSmart Server EX487

The new HP MediaSmart Server EX487 allows you to publish photos directly to a selection of photo sharing sites, including Google’s Picasa, Yahoo’s Flickr and Facebook. You can, of course, still publish photo collections to your home server’s website as well as send photos to HP’s Snapfish photo printing service, but today we’re going to focus on publishing photos to the three major services.

Publishing Your Photos to Flickr

  1. In a Web Browser, go to http://hpserver  (or whatever name you gave to your HP MediaSmart Server). This will open up the home server’s website front page.
  2. Select HP Photo Publisher – You may get a certificate warning, which you can safely ignore – just select “Continue to this Website”
  3. Enter your login details –  Type in your username and password for the home server.
  4. Select Flickr – You’ll be given a choice of a number of photo sharing communities – select Flickr to continue.
  5. Log On to Flickr – The first time you access Flickr with your HP MediaSmart Server, you must authorise the home server to access your Flickr account.

    To do this, select Log On and a new browser window will open, in which you should enter your Flickr username and password. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll receive a message that you have successfully authorised the HP MediaSmart Server Photo Publisher.Go ahead and close that browser window, and on the HP MediaSmart Server’s Flickr log on page, click Next.

  6. Decide which album you want to publish to – If you don’t use Flickr’s photo sets, you can simply upload your photos to your Flickr Photostream, or create a new album for your photos.
  7. Select your photos to upload – Your files and folders will be displayed on screen. Navigate to and select the photos you want to upload to Flickr.

    If you have HP Media Collector switched on, you’ll see that your files and folders are neatly arranged in date order. Selecting a folder shows all photos in that folder, with metadata (filename, date and time taken, file size and file format) displayed for each photograph.

    Clicking a photograph selects it for upload –  you’ll see a tick placed in the box underneath each photo. Once all photos have been selected, click Finish.

  8. Files will upload – A progress screen will keep you updated on uploading events.

Source:→ WGS

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