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How to Manage Your E-Mail -Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta

Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta support multiple kind of accounts i.e. IMAP and POP3 accounts along with Windows Live Mail accounts.  That means you can use all the great features of Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta with your work e-mail, your  ISP mail, your web mail like AOL or GMail, as well as with your Windows Live Mail account.  But while we’re talking accounts, I really want to tell you about…

Separate POP3 Account Support

Yeah, this is really nothing new.  Other e-mail clients have had accounts split out, but building on Bryan’s post from last week, this is a big thing for us.  From reading his post you know that our heritage is Outlook Express 6 and Windows Mail in Vista.  In both of those applications, you’re familiar with how your POP3 accounts were handled: all lumped together under “Local Folders”.  Well, for Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta (say that 5 times fast!), we’ve done one better.  We split these accounts out into their own account nodes.  This allows you to separate your e-mail to manage your communications and your life better. 

Consider the following scenario (please note: this is a completely hypothetical situation that may or may not be encountered by our single bloggers – or blog readers.  The names and faces have been changed to protect the innocent.):

Say there are 3 people named Francine, Eustace, and Nadine and they know me as Frank, Earnest, and Ned, respectively.  Why do I go by different names?  This is a hypothetical situation, remember? 🙂  Because I’m such a tech-savvy guy, I have my own e-mail server so I create three different accounts: [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected].  I use Windows Mail for Vista to manage my e-mail so all the e-mails to Frank, Earnest, and Ned go to one Inbox folder.  Since I’m lazy and I like Francine the best and e-mail her the most, I’ve set up Frank as the default e-mail account.  That means whenever I create a new message, the From: address is set to [email protected].  Now say one day, when I was sending a message to Eustace, I forgot to change my From: address from [email protected] (the default) to [email protected].  Now she’s got an e-mail from Frank, signed by Earnest, and I’m sure that I’ve got one less girlfriend!

Now if I was using Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta, there would be no problem here.  Since we split out the accounts into separate nodes, when I’m in an account and I create a new mail, it’s created using the e-mail address for that account.  If I’d only used Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta, Eustace would still be making great big doe-eyes at me!

Now that our little story is done, I also wanted to answer some of the questions that have been burning in your hearts since we last posted.  So, in no particular order:

  1. How can I participate in the Beta?
    http://ideas.live.com/ is your place for all the new and exciting stuff coming out for Windows Live.  Check it and this blog frequently for more information on becoming a Beta tester.  Right now, you cannot sign up for the Beta yet since we have not released the Beta.  Once we do, we’ll have more information for you as we get closer and closer to the Beta period.
  2. When will the Beta be ready?
    Good question.  We’ll let you know more in the coming weeks.  Just remember that we’re as excited to get the Beta out to you as you are to receive it!
  3. Will Live Mail Desktop Beta support Calendar?
    Very good question.  Calendar support is something that is on our radar and we have Calendar with Windows Live Mail already and Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta is designed to work well with that service! But right now, I cannot comment on when/if it will be in Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta as we simply do not know yet.
  4. Will Live Mail Desktop Beta be able to sync with my mobile devices?
    The mobile experience is an important one to the entire suite of Windows Live products.  You can get Windows Live Mail on mobile, so you can roam if you’re using that service.  We don’t have any mobile-sync support in our first release of Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta but please check
    http://ideas.live.com/ for more information about any upcoming mobile Windows Live experiences.

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