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How To Make Your Zune Battery Last Longer

How you use the Zune player can affect the Zune battery lifespan. Under normal situations, a zune battery can up to 14 hours with the wireless setting turned off while playing mp3. If you are watching videos, it can last up to about 4 hours.

Here are some tips that can help maximize your zune battery lifespan.

1. Update Zune Firmware

Always update to the latest zune firmware as higher versions of zune firmware have better power management features.

2. Use either Play All or Shuffle All option

The less interaction there is between you and the Zune player, the laster the zune battery can last. One way of doing that is to either set it to play all or shuffle all option using the playlists.

3. Try To Play Only 128Kbps WMA files

The zune battery has the best performance when you are playing 128kbps windows media audio(WMA) files. If possible, convert other music formats such as mp3 to WMA format.

4. Backlight Settings

Using backlights can drastically reduce their zune battery life. If possible, try to reduce the backlight timing to either 1 or 5 seconds. Do not set to always on.

4. Brightness Settings

The brightness settings is another factor for causing the drain on the zune battery. If you can in an environment where it is bright for example in school or office, then you can set the brightness to low.

5. Wireless Settings

The wireless chipset on the zune player can consume a lot of battery resources when turned on. If you are not sharing files, it is best to turn it off. The amount of files you send or receive when sharing can also affect the zune battery.

6. Turn off the Zune player

When you are not using the zune player, press and hold the play/pause button to turn it off. Turning off puts the zune player in low power standby mode. If there is no activity within 24 hours, it will go in sleep mode and will take about 10 seconds to turn on.


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