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How to install Windows Home Server Connector on Windows 7?

With the release of Windows 7 Beta 1, if you decide to run Windows Home Server, first, you’ll need to install the Windows Home Server Connector software (i.e. the WHS client) in order to do automated backups. Here’re the steps to install the client without using the client CD and without using a folder share:

  1. From your Windows 7 machine, open Internet Explorer and browser to http://server:55000 (where server is the name of your WHS).
  2. Under Windows Home Server Connector Setup, click Download Now. 
  3. Internet Explorer will ask if you want to Save or Run. Click Run
  4. In a few moments the client setup will run. 
  5. You will be asked for the Administrative password: 
  6. Choose your preference for the following: 
  7. And in a few minutes, installation is complete. 
  8. The WHS Connector client is not installed.
  9. You will immediately get this warning on all of your Home Computers as Anti-virus software is not installed on your new Windows 7 computer, but You can ignore this by checking Ignore this issue in the Windows Home Server Console. 

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