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How to create StumbleUpon like bookmarklet for your user?

Do you use StumbleUpon? You may’ve seen, Stumble! button on your StumbleUpon toolbar on your Firefox browser, that once pressed randomly jump to some websites. You can create, the same button on your blog, which can randomly jump to any article.

  1. Download WordPress Random Redirect plugin, and unzip it to a local directory on your desktop.
  2. Upload extracted content to your wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Go to plugins tab in your WordPress admin panel and activate the plugin.
  4. Now, you can randomly jump to any article by adding ?random to your website’s URL. For example, https://www.ditii.com/?random.
  5. Right-click the bookmarklet toolbar and choose New Bookmark. Fill-in the Name and the Location. In this example, Name is D’ Technology Weblog and the Location is https://www.ditii.com/?random.
  6. Done, you can now jump to random post by clicking the button. If you want to add this button to your website. Simply drag the button to your post. Provide this link to your user so that they can always jump to your random post anytime.

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