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How To: Associate Email Address with Google Account

Google has added an option to associate additional email addresses(that are not yet registered with Google) with your Google Account. Alternate email addresses are useful if you forget the password of your Google Account, with this added feature will certainly save you hassels of pasword recovery.

If you sign in to manage your Google Account, you can find this new option under Edit Personal Information in the “My Account” page. To add an additional email address, simply enter your email address, click on the “Save” button.  Note: You can’t add email addresses already associated with another Google Account or Gmail addresses.

After, you added an email address, Google will send a verification email to the email address you enter for the authentication of the email address. Following the link in the email Google sent you will take you to a sign in page similar to the one above and ask you to enter your password to verify the association of the two email address on Google. Once you enter the correct password and Google tells you that the “email address is now associated with your Google account”, you can use the additional email address to access your services/data on Google.

An added benefit is that your other email addresses are connected to your account and Google can use this information: for example, Google Calendar shows you the invitations sent to any of the associated email addresses. You can also log in by using any of the additional email addresses.[Googlesystem]

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