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Hotmail “Keep Me Signed In” Update Brings Back “Multiple Accounts and Passwords Remember” Feature

Hotmail team recently introduced the “keep me signed in,” to simplify the options, and to ensure consistent behavior across browsers and platforms, and make it faster and easier to get straight into your inbox. “While the majority of people seem quite pleased with the change, we’ve heard via the Inside Windows Live blog and other places that some of you liked the user tiles and the “remember me” option and feel that something you loved has been taken away. We’ve been working hard to come up with a response that addresses the core feedback while staying true to our design goals (and not regressing the experience for the people who like the new change),” wrote Eric Doerr.

Doerr said that the “change we’ve made is to add an attribute to the email address input box on our login page. What this means is that if your browser has autocomplete enabled, the form will automatically fill previously entered email addresses for you as you type, or you can hit the down arrow on your keyboard to see the full list and select the account you want. Depending on which browser you use, this mayn’t be on by default, but it can be enabled simply. In Internet Explorer, for example, this feature is off by default, but it asks you the first time you enter information into a form if you want to enable it. If you would like to enable it in IE9, you can follow these instructions. The process is also simple in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.”

“For most people we talked to, this change should help. Families and individuals with a shared PC will each have their user name remembered, and individuals who use one account but don’t want their password remembered will be happy as well. For security, we chose not to remember passwords for multiple accounts to keep multiple users on the same computer from ending up in each other’s inboxes.”

“We’re rolling the change out now, and everyone should be able to use the new experience in the next week. Note that the way we deploy is to an increasing percentage of our front end servers &vwidth=730&vheight=566″ width=”100%” height=”566″ what this means is that while we’re gradually rolling out, you’ll only see the behavior if you hit one of the upgraded servers. We’ll post an update when we’re 100% rolled out,” Doerr added.

Here’s what the new experience will look like:

[Source:Inside Windows Live]

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