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Hotmail Best at Spam Protection than Gmail, Research Study

Hotmail offers better spam protection than GmailTaking its war against Google’s Gmail a step fruther, Microsoft in a February 13 blog posted that its own internal metrics, feedback, combined with a third party study, shows that Hotmail offers the best spam protection of any email service.

The results comes from a study conducted by a research firm Cascade Insights — whoes Sean Campbell, co-owner of Cascade Insights, notes, “Microsoft commissioned this study, however we executed the study independently of any influence from Microsoft. Our researchers had full reign over the methodology and approach.”

The firm said, it created email addresses for Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail and posted those address on Facebook pages, blog sites and other placed on the Internet. The group also signed up for a number of web-based services with those email addresses.

After a little over a month (from Nov. 14, 2011, through Dec. 20, 2011), results were tallied, and Hotmail narrowly beat out Gmail.

“After we sorted the inbox into HAM and SPAM, we then counted how many HAM and SPAM emails were present to determine the percentage of the inbox that was SPAM and found the following (see the image to the left),” the research firm notes.

(HAM refers to legitimate emails, ie: newsletters they signed up for, etc.):

Cascade Insights: Hotmail has better spam protection than Gmail

Hotmail email addresses had spam 48.57 percent of the time , while Gmail had spam mail 48.88 percent of the time.

Yahoo Mail was a distant third with 58.33 percent of spam mail in the study’s email accounts.

For a completely unfiltered mail account, 64% of the emails were SPAM. Our findings therefore indicate that Hotmail and Gmail are approximately equal in keeping SPAM out of the inbox.”

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