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Hotmail “axing taglines, limiting irrelevant promotional emails” to declutter inboxes

To remove the clutter out of Hotmal inboxes; “We added tools to help people manage email: For e.g., “Sweep menu” lets you quickly delete or move all email from a particular sender. Also improved filters and created a way to bring all related email messages together in a conversation view. We made two significant changes with new Hotmail:

  • Removing text from the bottom of messages sent from Hotmail (aka “text a tagline”). While taglines did drive awareness and clicks, we respect your inbox, and we’re taking them out in upcoming Hotmail release.

  • Improving our email communications. While we’re adding tools to help you easily manage email you receive, we’re also making sure that messages we send are desired & relevant. We’re implementing two changes in our email communications in US:
    • Don’t open our email? We’ll stop sending it. If you aren’t engaging with our email, our goal is to stop sending it to you, except in the cases of critical account updates or service notifications where we don’t want you to be surprised. We’re also making our opt-out options more prominent.
    • More relevant email. Targeted email improves your experience by keeping you up-to- date on upgrades, changes, products, and services you use. So we’re improving relevancy of email we send by taking into account which services you’re using and what you’ve or haven’t clicked in past,” explains Microsoft.


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