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Heello: Ping Your Life @140 Characters

Noah Everett founder of the Twitter’s photo sharing site Twitpic, launched his own microblogging social media service, “Heello.”

Heello — mostly — works like Twitter does, except the nomenclature is different, and at first glance, it seems a lot like Twitter. The difference lies — instead of tweets, you do “ping”, and instead of retweeting, you’re invited to “echo” a “ping.” Following, is referred as “listen” to users’ pings.

One singned up, you create a username, which is @’username’ and you are offered to connect your account with Twitter and Facebook.


You share what you are doing on the site with ‘Pings’ which is an 140 character update where you can attach a video, photo and/or your location. You can see a specific ping at a time, you can reference another user by using the @ symbol, and you get a stream of everyone’s pings that you’re listening to on the homepage.

One noticeable difference in Heello is that it offers a continuous, auto-updated stream of updates so you don’t have to press update for more ‘pings’ to come in. Media is displayed within the stream. Users can @reply you, as they would on Twitter. If you want to retweet a ping, you can ‘echo’ it. You can also send private messages both to an individual and to groups of members.

Of course, Everett could be just going after Twitter after the company launched its own TwitPic competitor recently. And, Everett also didn’t make it a secret that he was disappointed with Twitter’s self-hosted pictures announcement — even more so that the company didn’t think to contact TwitPic – which was completely blindsided by Twitter’s move into its territory. So, there’s nothing wrong with throwing a little competition Twitter’s way.

And, Heello certainly isn’t the first company to try to replicate Twitter (Yahoo Meme, Identica and Ekko are also playing in that space)

You can say Hello! to Heello its web site.

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