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Heard Of Retarded Windows Vista Anthem? Now Watch Vista Launch Retarded Video!

The roof… the roof… the roof… is on fire! All the people in the house, put your hands in the air! All you people in the back! All you people in the front! Say WOW! Wow! There simply is no limit for the shameless display of Windows Vista Wow love at the operating system’s launch in India on January 30, 2007. Did I say love? I meant mindless idolatry! Just watch the two videos embedded at the bottom. If you can find better video footage of live kitsch then please, educate me. The Wow is now, Vista launch in India was simply a
tasteless performance. It reminds me of the communist era, when herds of brain-washed proletarians spelled
Stalin’s name with their bodies in Russian stadiums. I mean… people dancing around with the Windows logo?

Back at the end of May, I managed to come across the Windows Vista anthem, “sung by the famous singer Sunidhi Chauhan exclusively for the Windows Vista launch.” That exemplary item of tone-deaf sounds mix was recorded and distributed by Microsoft, as a way to drive away users from Vista, I mean, as a way to boost the operating system’s adoption rate. And since Vista passed the 60 million milestone after just 6 months on the market, we can see how well this strategy turned out. Still, if you want to download the song for your music collection you can do so via this link.

However, simply recording the Vista song was not enough for Microsoft. The whole event associated with the Wow Vista anthem was captured on video. And the hilarity continues. The fact of the matter is that the first video is nothing compared to the second. In the Windows Vista – it’s a “Wow experience” performance, a very talented, very gorgeous, very tall, very Bollywood man mutilates – that’s right! – completely mutilates Usher’s Yeah song. And just for the sake of Windows Vista… And they dare call this horror show a launch celebration.

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