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Have a broken keyboard? Beware! Hewlett-Packard wipes out HDD to fix!!

Here’s a story that should help to remind you to back up all your data — even if you’re just getting a key replaced on your keyboard. Reader Marjan says HP has official policy that requires that they erase your hard drive — even if there’s nothing wrong with your computer that would require them to even turn it on.

The “P” key broke off my HP laptop within one month of its purchase back in April. I asked them to send me the key so I could repair it myself, but they said I must send in my entire computer.

Fast forward to December when I (graduate student) finally have the chance/luxury to send in my computer for repair.

I just got my computer back today to find my entire hard drive deleted and re-done.[…]

I too have a bad experience with HP, expecially HP India office. Right from Nov 3rd, I’ve called-up HP India office about 6 times, and 60 calls to their 20 dealers for buying a HP desktop PC. But to my surprise neither HP India, nor their dealers (20) have bothered to callback. I’ve even contacted Mr. Mark Hurd, CEP Vice President HP via email, but to no avail.

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