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Halo 2: New Maps Expected This Month

New maps for Halo 2 will hit Live later this month, with wording reaching us that Bungie finally plan to release the new maps first announced alongside the Halo 3 beta test. An April 17th debut is planned, and you’ll be able to download and enjoy the new content via either an Xbox or Xbox 360.

Two new levels are on the agenda, Tombstone and Desolation, and we learn today that both maps are improved and expanded versions of Halo 1 offerings Hang ‘Em High and Derelict.

You’ll be able to acquire both new games for a princely 4 USD, and in something of a shift said to allow more people to download the game, you’ll be able to purchase them via the in-game downloader instead of the usual Marketplace-based sale used for other Premium Content.

“It was originally scheduled to be a 360-only [download], but it just wasn’t going to work out,” Bungie dev-man Frank O’Connor explained. “Number one, there are a lot of Xbox players out there who can’t afford a 360, or are waiting for a birthday or holiday gift – so they wouldn’t be able to play. Worse still, we’d have to split the matchmaking playlists differently and that wouldn’t have been fair either. So in the interests of fairness and an easy life, it’s on Xbox and Xbox 360.”

Source:→ play.tm

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