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Hackers figured out how to resurrect year old Windows Vista activation news

It seems that hackers have figured out how to resurrect news about a Vista activation hack that’s over a year old. Yesterday I received several emails from readers pointing to a post on Slashdot. The site was running a piece which pointed to a an article on APC Magazine from the 4th March 2007 which was reprting on an activation hack released by the Pantheon group. I didn’t think anything of it, after all, accidents happen.

By today, this story is has spread to other sites.  I tell you, it must be hacker …

Be careful, hackers could have infiltrated your favourite source of IT-related information and be feeding you year-old information.  Rest assured that Hardware 2.0 will continue to serve you fresh news!

Source:→ ZDNet Hardware 2.0 Blog

Microsoft, Windows Vista, Hacker, Activation, Hacking, Security, Operating Systems

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