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Google Zipper Doodle Commemorate Gideon Sundback’s 132nd Birthday

The latest animated Google Doodle honors engineer Gideon Sundback’s 132nd birthday. Today, when you visit Google.com (or other Google.TLDs) on April 24th, you will see a huge zipper down the middle of the Google of the logo — giving an impression as if Google’s letter stitched.

If you click on the zipper, the zip begin opening up revealing the google.com search results page with a pre-entered search query [Gideon Sundback] in the search box.

Gideon Sundbäck (April 24, 1880 – June 21, 1954) was a Swedish-American electrical engineer. Gideon Sundbäck is most commonly associated with his work in the development of the zipper. In 1905 he immigrated to the United States and in 1917 he issued the patent for the zipper, being awarded the patent in 1914.

Here is the Google Zipper Doodle:

Google Zipper Doodle marks Gideon Sundbacks 132nd birthday

…..and the unzipped doodle:

Google Zipper Doodle : unzipped

Here is the movie of the animated zipper logo in action:

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