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Google Webmaster Tools: Now See 90 Days of Top Search Queries Data; Basic Search Query Data – Tax Searches on Mobile Raised to 200% this Year

Google’s Javier Tordable, Tech Lead, Webmaster Tools, just announced an update to the Top Search Queries data, which now let you see up to 90 days of historical data. If you click on the date picker in the top right of Search queries, you can go back three months instead of the previous 35 days.

“In order to see 90 days, the option to view with changes will be disabled. If you want to see the changes with respect to the previous time period, the limit remains 30 days. Changes are disabled by default but you can switch them on and off with the button between the graph and the table. Top search queries data is normally available within 2 or 3 days, Todable explained.

In another improvement in Webmaster Tools, you can now see basic search query data as soon as you verify ownership of a site. No more waiting to see your information.

Finally, Google begin collecting data for the top 2000 queries for which your site gets clicks. “You may see less than 2000 if we didn’t record any click for a particular query in a given day, or if your query data is spread out among many countries or languages. For example, a search query for “flowers” in Google Canada is counted separately from a query for “flowers” in Google US. Nevertheless, with this change 98% of sites will have complete coverage,” explained Tordable.

top search queries data in google webmaster tools now available for 90 days

google webmast tools tops search queries data now available for 90 days

In other Google search news,

Google Mobile team revealed that tax related searches on mobile jumped by over 200% this year.

“Millions of consumers used their mobile phone to conduct tax related searches this year. In fact, tax related searches on mobile devices jumped by 206% year over year, outpacing growth in computer queries by nearly 20x,” posted Adam Grunewald, Google Mobile Ads Product Marketing. “While this certainly reveals substantial mobile opportunity for businesses in the finance industry, it is indicative of the monumental shift in consumer behavior that mobile is driving.”

US Search Volume for Tax Related Keywords 2010-2012:

us search volume for tax releated keywords 2010-2012 mobile vs. desktop

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