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Google Trends Top Charts and Hot Searches Expands

Google Trends, recently addedTop Charts, today, releases Top Charts for May, and also expanding some charts to include the top 20 or top 100 search topics in the category as well.

The “Top Charts,” is a monthly roundup of 40+ top 10 lists that showcase the people, places and things that captured people’s attention on Google Search.

You can now do take a deeper dive in the Top Charts “for People, Sports Teams, Athletes, Actors, TV Shows and many more.” informs Google.

In addition, Google has also expanded Hot Searches to Germany.

Google Trends Top Charts May 2013 Update

In other news, Google’s CalDAV and CardDAV APIs are now available to everyone as on June 5.

Retreating to its earlier announcement of March this year, that “CalDav API for Google Calendar will no longer be open to everyone”, Google has now decided to keep the CalDav API public and to make the CardDav API for Google Contacts available for everyone.

“CalDAV,” is an open standard for accessing calendar data across the web.

Additionally, Google also made CardDAV, an open standard for accessing contact information across the web – available to everyone for the first time.

In addition, the CalDAV API now has a new endpoint, and both of these APIs are getting other updates as well:

  • “Integration with the Google APIs Console. To start using CalDAV or CardDAV in your project, just enable it in the Console.
  • OAuth 2.0 authentication,” informs Google.

Google Apps for Business, Education, and Government, today gets the new “URL for Admin console.”

Starting this week “the existing Admin console URL will redirect to a login URL at accounts.google.com. For SSO-enabled domains (without a network mask defined) only Super Admins will be permitted to log in with a Google password. Non-Super Admins will be redirected to the configured SSO login page,” Google stated.

In addition, the new Gmail inbox option is also now available to Apps for Business users to help keep different types of emails (messages from friends, social notifications, deals and offers, confirmations, receipts, etc) organized.

You can customize your experience by simply choosing the categories you want. Rapid release users can enable the new inbox by clicking “Configure inbox” under the gear menu in Gmail.

The new inbox is also available in the Gmail for Android 4.0+ and Gmail for iPhone and iPad apps.

Finally, Google Forms now available to domain users provide the access to a new version of Google Forms. Just as with Docs, Sheets and Slides, you can now collaborate with others in real-time. Multiple users can work on the same form simultaneously.

Unlike the previous version, “forms are no longer tied to a specific spreadsheet. Responses are collected and stored only in the form. If owners prefer to see the data in a spreadsheet, they can specify a destination spreadsheet for the data at any time.”

Google has uploaded Android 4.2 stock Keyboard app to Google Play.

Google Keyboard has Gesture Typing (which lets you glide through letters to form a word, just lift your finger to enter a space), automatic error correction, and word predictions. You can also tap the microphone to compose messages with Voice Typing when you’re on-the-go. Together with dictionaries for 26 languages (plus keyboard layouts for a dozen more), it provides a fast, accurate, and reliable typing experience,” informs Google.

The app is initially available for English-speaking locales, but Google says, “they’ll be adding more countries soon”.

You can download official APK from Google Play store.

Google Keyboard: Stock Android 4.2

Google also launched the new YouTube One Channel design to all users across the devices.

Those now aware, the new One Channel design lets you: “Gain more subscribers; Get more channel visits to their channel page because clicks from the guide always go directly to the channel; and with the One Channel design, you now have channel art visible on iOS & Android apps, mobile web and TV.”

Here is how to get your channel looking at it’s best:

  • Select your channel art. Choose an image that represents your channel. The image should be 2560 px by 1440 px for the best results on all devices. If you plan on designing something special, check out the specs here.
  • Upload a trailer. Introduce new viewers to all the awesomeness they’ll see from your videos, and encourage them to subscribe to your channel.
  • Create sections. Select which videos and playlists you want to showcase in the sections on your channel’s browse tab.
  • Link your channel with a Google+ page or profile. Keeping your branding up-to-date will be even easier because your channel art will represent you across YouTube, Google+, and all Google properties.

For more tips and tricks, check out the Creator Playbook, or the help center.

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