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Google Translate Adds Khmer; Make Mobile Sites Faster with PageSpeed Service (PSS)

Google Translate adds its 66th supported language, “Khmer” making the Khmer content more accessible to the rest of the world.

“Khmer is currently in the “alpha” status–means it is an early version of the translation system that will be usable in many situations, but may not be adequate for all,” informs Google adding, it said, that over time, “we will improve the system and make our Khmer translations better.”

Khmer launch offer following useful features: “virtual keyboard (in case you want to type in Khmer but do not have Khmer keyboard handy) and ability to read Khmer text phonetically for users who don’t read Khmer alphabet.”

Google Translate now supports Khmer

In other Google news, Google has made its PageSpeed Service, an online service that speed up the rendering of web pages by rewriting and serving them through Google available.

“”PageSpeed Service (PSS)” optimizes the web pages in such a way that users can start viewing and interacting with your pages as soon as possible. It includes several rewriters that speed up the rendering of web pages. And, takes just a few minutes to set up and requires no code changes on your site,” explains Google dev team.

Check out here to see how much PageSpeed can speed up your mobile site–or, sign up here. I encourage you to try out these features by signing up for PageSpeed Service and letting us know what you think at [email protected].

Prioritize Critical CSS rewriter speeds up rendering by identifying the minimal CSS required to render that page and including it in the HTML file.

Defer JavaScript rewrites the HTML to defer execution of all JavaScript until after the page is first rendered. Default behavior of HTML specification requires the browser to stop, download, and execute each synchronous JavaScript file before proceeding to build and render the page.

Optimize Images on the server to fit required dimensions and re-compress them to the optimal format, without perceptible visual loss.

“For very large images above the fold, PSS can also inline a low quality preview image for initial rendering. Once the rest of the page content loads, it is replaced by the original image, creating a seamless experience. Furthermore, images below the fold can be lazy-loaded, which prevents them from competing with the rest of the page load,” Google explained.

YouTube “again” has won a case against Viacom–as the second, time, a federal court correctly rejected Viacom’s lawsuit against YouTube.

“The court today reaffirmed an established judicial consensus that the DMCA protects web platforms like YouTube that work with rightsholders and take appropriate steps to remove user-generated content that rightsholders notify them is infringing,” writes Kent Walker, svp & General Counsel, Google.

Update: In other releated news, a Japan court has fined Google 300,000 yen ($3,100) and ruled that the search giant to alter the search suggestions.

The Tokyo District Court ruled that Google has to change the auto-completions for a search on a man’s name (name was undisclosed), because Google provided suggestions that the man committed criminal acts.

The court ordered Google to pay the man $3,100 for the mental anguish the search suggestion caused him.

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