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Google Spreadsheets Update

Google has added more features to its Google Spreadsheets.

  • Anyone can View option: If you want anyone(*) to be able to view your spreadsheet without having to invite them specifically, you can use this checkbox setting (on the Sharing Options pane) to provide virtually open access – however, (*)viewers will still need to be logged into their google account. Viewers using this link will still see changes in real-time and will be able to participate in chat.
  • URL display (with the “Anyone Can View” setting): The URL of the current spreadsheet will be shown directly on the Sharing Options pane when you check the “Anyone can view” option. You can email or IM this URL to people or post it as a link on a web page. These URLs are also a bit shorter and easier to copy/paste than in previous versions.
  • Access to your Google Contact List (used in GMail, Calendar, etc.): When inviting people to edit or view a spreadsheet, your Google contacts list will be used to provide you with easy ‘type-ahead’ access to their e-mail addresses and names.
  • Increase in allowed simultaneous sessions in one spreadsheet: Up to 50 people at any one time may now edit or view any single spreadsheet.

Core Features:

  • Printing: The File menu now contains a ‘Print’ option, which opens the HTML view and the browser’s print dialog, ignoring empty columns on the right and rows at the bottom.
  • Export to PDF: Create a .pdf file which you can print and save from the acrobat reader.
  • Open Document Format support (ODF): Export and Import spreadsheets to/from the Open Document standard file format which is compatible with Open Office Calc and other products which support the Open Document standards.
  • Number Format menu expanded: Format cells using more currency symbols and additional formats.
  • Mutli-line Text in Cells: Create new lines within a cell (using alt-enter or ctrl-enter) to improve the look of text which require distinct lines (such as addresses).
  • Merge multiple groups of cells at one time: Merge Cells now works on multiple rows at one once (still only horizontally), merging or un-merging all cells in each row in the selected range.
  • Larger file sizes imported: While we still limit rows (10,000), columns (256), and cells (50,000), and sheets (20), we now allow larger file sizes to be imported (up to approximately 1 Mb in .xls or .odf format).

User Interface Items:

  • New Function Dialogbox and help page: The “more>” link on the Formula tab now gives an improved function selector – with descriptions and links to a help page.
  • “New Features” link: See what’s new in Google Spreadsheets for the first few days after we release a new version (this page will always be available from the help center).
  • File menu changes: “Export” sub-menu added – to offer pdf, odf, html, xls and csv formats.
  • Use format commands directly from edit mode: No more error message: “you cannot be in edit mode and perform this operation.” When trying to make cell contents Bold (for example) while you’re still in edit mode.
  • Un-saved spreadsheet warning: When you begin to edit an unsaved spreadsheet, a warning will remind you to save the spreadsheet to begin the autosaving feature.
  • Sort Tab changes: Moved and re-worded the “Freeze header rows” button.

What is a Google Spreadsheet?

Google Spreadsheet is a “Web based Application” or a “Online replica of Microsoft Excel”. Though it’s is not as sophisticated as Excel. For instance, the Google spreadsheet won’t create charts or provide a menu of controls that can be summoned by clicking on a computer mouse’s right-hand button.

The aim behind the application is to make the “spreadsheet avilable online”, so that co-workers, family members or group members etc. can use / update the same data from anywhere in the world at the same time.

Google Spreadsheets features:

  • Create basic spreadsheets from scratch, including changing the number format, sorting by columns, and adding formulas.
  • Upload spreadsheets or worksheets from CSV or XLS format – all your formulas and formatting will come across intact.
  • Familiar desktop feel makes editing a breeze, just click the toolbar buttons to bold, underline, change the font, change the cell background color and more.
  • Share your spreadsheet or document, by just feeding email addressess of the people and sending them message. People whom, you have sent the sharing rights, will be able access the spreadsheet, as soon as they login.
  • Multiple people can edit or view your spreadsheet at the same time as you – their names will appear in an on-screen chat window.
  • Edit from anywhere, you can access your spreadsheets from any computer with an Internet connection and a supported browser.
  • Online storage and auto-save, —”Never lose your work” —means you need not fear hard drive failures and power outages.
  • You can save or export your spreadsheets, to your own computer in CSV, XLS and HTML formats.

Google Spreadsheets is currently compatible with the following browsers:

– IE 6 (Windows)
– FireFox 1.07, 1.5+ (Windows, Mac, Linux)

You may have up to 100 spreadsheets, each spreadsheet may contain up to 20 tabs, 50,000 cells, 256 columns or 10,000 rows. You can import .xls and .csv files smaller than 400k.

Spreadsheets are private by default. Unless you share your spreadsheet URL with other people, no one can see your spreadsheet.

Google Spreadsheet Help | Google Spreadsheets | Goolge Spreadsheet Login | googlesystem

Google Spreadsheets, Update

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