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Google Slides API Generally Available with Ready-to-go Integrations

At I/O 2016, a preview of the Google Slides API, which gives developers programmatic access to create and update presentations in Slides from any data source was announced—and today the Slides API is now generally available to all developers across the globe.

The Slides API is now available to projects in Google Developers console. So, your teams can now use a number of ready-to-go integrations to turn your business data into presentations, with just a click.

Google has added few new third-party apps to help you quickly build beautiful, up-to-date data-rich presentations in seconds using ‘Conga, Trello, Lucidchart and Zapier.’ “Whether you’re looking to populate a quarterly business review (QBR) deck, add specs for weekly design review slides, or refresh event registration data for your daily update,” these integrated ready-to use apps will help you get easily.

Google notes, additional software vendors, including ProsperWorks, AODocs and Form Publisher, will soon avilable to help you do more in less time in all sorts of ways.

  • Conga with Slides API integration lets you make document creation and reporting presentation in Slides from standard Salesforce Account records in seconds.
  • With Slide API integration, you can turn any Trello board or set of cards into a Slides presentation with just a click.
  • Lucidchart helps you create complex diagrams and visuals easily.
  • Create and respond to custom proposals requests with Zapier.

See the GIF below for more information about these app, and the video below, demostrating how to take “variables” or placeholders in a template deck and use the API to generate new decks replacing those proxies with the desired text or image.

Generate your next QBR deck with Conga and Google Slides API

Generate QBR deck with Conga and Google Slides API
Create vivid project updates with Trello and Google Slides API
Create vivid project updates with Trello and Google Slides API

Further, Google said, it’s not require to be a Python developer to use Slides API, and “it’ll be your pseudocode as you can use any language supported by the Google APIs Client Libraries.” Regardless of your development environment, “you can use similar ‘scaffolding’ to generate many presentations with varying content for your users,” Google said.

Developers can start using Google Slides API, see the documentation and demos at developers.google.com/slides.

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