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Google: Sitelinks Receive More Than 50% Clicks Than Other Ad Formats

On Monday October 3, at Advertising Week in New York City, Google’s Nick Fox, VP of Product Management is talking about how advertisers have been quick to adopt new search ad formats since the company first began experimenting on November 24, 2009.

Adding, “We’ve also worked to improve and expand our search advertising products. What started as three lines of simple text has evolved into ads that are multimedia-rich, location-aware and socially-amplified. We’re developing ads that provide richer information to you because we believe that search ads should be both beautiful and informative, and as useful to you as an answer.”

“On average, ads with three rows of links, or three-line Sitelinks, are more than 50% likely to get clicked on than ads without Sitelinks.”

For those not aware,

“Ad Sitelinks are designed to appear when an ad provides the “best” result for a search query, and they’re most likely to appear for searches for unique brand terms for top-ranked ads with higher quality scores. (However, they may not always be shown for every top-ranked ad.)”

“Ad Sitelinks allow you to extend the value of your existing AdWords ads by providing additional links to specific, relevant content deeper within your sitemap. Rather than sending all users to the same landing page, Ad Sitelinks will display up to four additional Destination URLs for users to choose from.”

“We’re continuing to experiment with search ads to help businesses by connecting with the right customers. Starting today, you can drop by our site to check out what’s new with search ads and learn about all the improvements we’ve been working on recently,” Nick said.

Citing an example of Cafepress, Nick says that “CafePress uses Sitelinks to direct people to specific pages of their website, helping customers find what they’re looking for faster. More than 200,000 advertisers have joined CafePress in using Sitelinks in at least one campaign.”


Nick notes, the following new ad formats are helping people find valuable information faster:

Visual. “Media ads put the sight, sound and motion of video into search ads. With Product Ads, people can see an image, price and merchant name, providing a more visual shopping experience. Because this format is often so useful, people are twice as likely to click on a Product Ad as they are to click on a standard text ad in the same location, and today, hundreds of millions of products are available through Product Ads,” Nick said.

Local. He said “Over 20% of desktop searches on Google are related to location, and on mobile this amounts to 40%. Location-aware search ads can help find what you’re looking for more easily by putting thousands of local businesses on the map–literally. Over 270,000 of our advertisers use Location Extensions to attach a business address on at least one ad campaign, connecting more than 1.4 million locations in the U.S. via ads.”

Social. “With +1 button people are able to find and recommend businesses with their friends. We now have over 5 billion impressions on publisher sites a day,” added Nick

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