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Google Search Results Pages to get Video Ads

New York Times report, that Google is currently testing video ads on search result pages, and will soon implement. Sponsored ads in search results page with accompanying video ads will display a small button with a plus sign. This is similar to how Google SERPs displays additional information about search results. Once a user clicks on this small button, a small player will pop out and starts playing the ads.This sound neat and blends pretty well with the ongoing evolution of Google search from a purely textual search results page to a more interactive and graphically enhanced search results pages that now include thumbnail images and photos.

[…]Google started testing video ads on some pages of search results. And it is developing ad formats with images, interactive maps and other more elaborate features.

Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of search products and user experience, said in an interview that the change reflects the evolution of the once-sparse Google pages. Last year Google introduced what it calls universal search, which mixes images, videos, news stories and other types of information with the standard text links to Web pages.

“The big insight of Google wasn’t text ads; it was that the ads should be conducive to the format,” Ms. Mayer said. “We were doing text-based search that was all textual. Visual ads don’t work in that format.”

By contrast, she said text ads are not as effective on pages with search results that include images and video. The eyes of users automatically gravitate to the images more than the text, she said. Now that Google’s main search results pages include more images, video links and other elements, it is more appropriate, she argued, to have corresponding advertising formats.

“With universal search, something is getting shaken up a bit on the bottom part of the page,” she said. “The ads on the top part of the page should match.”[…]

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