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Google ‘Search Plus Your World’ Introduces ‘Personal Results, Profiles in Search, People and Pages’

Google Search plus Your World introduced brings three new features: Personal Results, Profiles in Search, and People and Pages.

Search plus Your World will become available over the next few days to people who are signed in and searching on https://www.google.com in English.

Personal Results, enables you to find information just for you, such as Google+ photos and posts–both your own and those shared specifically with you, that only you will be able to see on your results page. With your world in search, you can find:

Google Search plus Your World: Personal Results

  • Google+ posts. You can find relevant Google+ posts from friends talking about an amazing trip they just took, whether they’ve shared privately with you or publicly. You’ll find links shared by your friends, such as activities, restaurants and other things they enjoyed on their trip.
  • Photos. You can find beautiful vacation photos from your friends right in your search results page. You can also find your own private photos from Google+ and Picasa, based on captions, comments and album title,” informs Google.

Profiles in Search, both in autocomplete and results, which enable you to immediately find people you’re close to or might be interested in following. “Now, typing just the first few letters of your friend’s name brings up a personalized profile prediction in autocomplete. Selecting a predicted profile takes you to a results page for your friend, which includes information from their Google+ profile and relevant web results that may be related to them. And you can have this personal experience instantaneously, thanks to Google Instant. So when I search for [ben smith], I now find my dear friend Ben every time, instead of the hundreds of other Ben Smiths out there (no offense to all of them!),” explains Google.

In addition, “you’ll find profile autocomplete predictions for various prominent people from Google+, such as high-quality authors from our authorship pilot program. Once you select that profile, if you’re a signed-in Google+ user, you’ll also see a button to add them to your circles right on your search results page.”

Search plus Your Wrold: Profiles in Search

Profiles in Search: Search Plus Your World

Google Search Plus Your World: Profiles in Search

People and Pages, help you find people profiles and Google+ pages related to a specific topic or area of interest, and enable you to follow them with just a few clicks. Because behind most every query is a community.

Search Your World Plus: Peoples and Pages on Google+

“Starting today, if you search for a topic like [music] or [baseball], you might see prominent people who frequently discuss this topic on Google+ appearing on the right-hand side of the results page. You can connect with them on Google+, strike up meaningful conversations and discover entire communities in a way that simply wasn’t possible before,” informs Google.

Google Search team notes “for security and privacy, we set a high bar for Search plus Your World.” Adding “Since some of the information you’ll now find in search results, including Google+ posts and private photos, is already secured by SSL encryption on Google+, we’ve decided that the results page should also have the same level of security and privacy protection.” “This means when you’re signed in to Google, your search results–including your private content–are protected by the same high standards of encryption as your messages in Gmail,” Google explained.

Google also, now providing “interface elements and control settings” like those in Google+, to enable you to control over Google features and how to use them. “For example, personal results are clearly marked as Public, Limited or Only you. Additionally, people in your results are clearly marked with the Google+ circle they are in, or as suggested connections.”

Also, introduced today is a prominent new “toggle on the upper right of the results page” where you can see what your search results look like without personal content. With a single click, you can see an unpersonalized view of search results. That means no results from your friends, no private information and no personalization of results based on your Web History.

“This toggle button works for an individual search session, but you can also make this the default in your Search Settings. We provide separate control in Search Settings over other contextual signals we use, including location and language,” added Google.

Google Toggle button

Watch the Search plus Your World video:

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