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Google GPhone project aims at Microsoft

Google, the internet media giant, has had a large group of engineers working on a secret project for nearly two years now. Rumors had leaked that Google was planning to manufacture a next generation of cell phone, which some observers creatively dubbed the “GPhone.” Now as a new report indicates Google’s true intentions, it appears that the company has not only done a good job keeping the wraps on its secret project, but that the project is much more complex than expected.

Google has been working on developing a software platform for cell phones, which it hopes will create a new business sector. It begins with the phone operating system (OS). The OS that Google has been working on is a modified version of Linux, the open source OS. Atop the OS, Google is modifying its Office suite, organization tools, maps, messenger, and email, along with the rest of its programs to run in cell phone environments. The final piece of the puzzle is what Google hopes will make the phone truly profitable — advertising.

Currently cell phone advertising is a fairly small and specialized business. Google hopes to expand and transform this niche into a thriving new market sector.

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