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Google Drive Joins Paperless Coalition Group to Help a Paper-free World

Google Drive makes it easy to keep all your stuff in the cloud and access it anywhere — so you don’t have to carry around paper copies wherever you go. So whether you’re an expense reporter, invoice tracker, file hoarder, or note jotter, you can do it all without using paper.

There are also other great apps that can help you get things done in he cloud – no printer required.

On the New Year Eve, Google Drive joined the “Paperless Coalition,” a group of organizations and products that help you live completely in a paper-free world.

It’s simple. Visit Paperless2013.org to sign a pledge (electronically, of course!) and invite others to do the same.

Also, to get you started 2013, here are some Google tips:

Google Drive Chrome Extension

Schedule due dates for tasks in emails on Google Calendar
Make your workflow easier by saving emails that you need to follow up on in your Gmail Tasks list. When you have the email open, just click More > Add to Tasks and it will be automatically added to your list. Click “Related email” under the task to open the email whenever you need.

You can even schedule a due date–click on > next to the task then on the Calendar icon. When you select “Back to list” the date will be saved on the list and you’ll also get a reminder in your Google Calendar so you don’t miss a deadline!

Save online images right to Google Drive
It’s cumbersome–right click on an image, download it to your computer, open it and rename it, save the file, and maybe even attach it to an email.

Instead, you can streamline the process with the “Save to Drive” Chrome extension, that lets you capture content from anywhere on the web and store it neatly online in Google Drive. After you save with the extension, you’ll see options to immediately open the file in Drive, rename it, or view it in your Drive list, where you can do things like add it to a folder or share it with others.

Once installed the extension, just right click on the file or click on the Drive extension icon to save: “an image of an entire page or an image of the visible page; the HTML source code a Web archive (.mht).”

Use Google Maps on your website
You can now embed a simple map, a set of driving directions, a local search result, or a My Map created by another user. If you’d like to adjust the size of the map before you embed it, click “Customize and preview embedded map”, select your preferred size, and take a look at the preview map. Once you’re happy with what you see, copy the HTML that appears in the box at the bottom of the window.

Follow these simple steps:

  • “Ensure that the map you’d like to embed appears in the current map display
  • Click the link icon at the top of the left panel
  • In the box that appears, copy the HTML under ‘Paste HTML to embed in website,’ and paste it into the source code of your website or blog.”

Type [tourist attractions <city name>] into Google Search to see some of the top points of interest. Once you have a list of the things you want to do and see, keep it in one place and share it with your travel buddies using Google Sheets.

Keep up with current events or hone in on specific interests by personalizing your Google News and setting up Google Alerts to receive information on specific topics directly in your email. If your inbox is already on overload, try the Google Currentsapp for news on the go.

Learning something new doesn’t have to break the bank. Check out Google Offers for deals on classes for dancing, cooking, bartending and more.

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