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Google Docs: Copying Drawings and Better Right-to-left Table Support Features Added

A couple of new features announced on August 1 for Google Docs:

Copying and pasting drawings across docs
Starting today, support for the web clipboard to the embedded drawing editor is added, so that you can work with drawings within documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Means, you can now copy shapes from one document and paste them into existing drawings in another doc. You can also use the web clipboard to move a drawing from a document into the standalone drawing editor,” informs Aharon Lanin, Software Engineer.

To try this out, open a new document and go to Insert > Drawing to create a drawing in the embedded drawing editor. Click the web clipboard icon and Copy shapes to web clipboard.

Open another doc that you want to paste the drawing into. Click the web clipboard icon and hover to preview the available items — then, click to paste when you’ve located the drawing you’d like to use.

Better support for right-to-left tables
Also, an improvement to tables is made and that will be useful for Hebrew and Arabic users. “If you’ve enabled right-to-left controls from your docs list settings, you’ll now have an option to create tables that are visually right-to-left. This means that the first cell in the table will be in the upper right and that tabbing through the table will move you to the left and down. You can modify a table’s directionality from the table properties dialog,” added Lanin.

[Source: Google Docs blog

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