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Google Docs Adds ‘Auto-corrections, LaTeX in Equations and Images in Cells’ Features

Google Docs introduces Auto-corrections and LaTeX shortcuts to equations speed up typing and reduce editing while images to cells make it easy to add color to your spreadsheets.

  • Auto-corrections: If you frequently make a mistake when you type a word in Docs, you can now ask Google to automatically correct the mistake for you. Right-click on the word, select “AutoCorrect” and pick the most appropriate correction.
    Google Docs auto corrections

    By default, Docs automatically converts (c) to the copyright sign ©, 1/2 to ½, but you can add other rules to “Text substitution” section of the preferences dialog. If you don’t want text replacements, you can disable from the Tools > Preferences dialog. From that dialog, you’ll also be able to manage your text replacements by adding and removing items from the list.
    Google Docs text substitution

  • Google also added many LaTex shortcuts to equation editor. “While editing an equation you can type ‘\frac’ followed by a space and it’ll automatically be converted into an equation fraction.” If you want to quickly enter a superscript or a subscript while inside an equation, you can do that with ‘^’ and ‘_’respectively. Here’s a full list of automatic equation shortcuts supported in Docs.
  • Finally, you can now add images to individual spreadsheet cells and choose from a variety of sizing options including size to fit, stretch, original size, and custom.
  • And, if a document ever makes an auto-correction that you don’t want, you can press Ctrl Z (Cmd Z on a Mac) to undo it.


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