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Google Custom Search (CSE) Adds ‘Sort by Attribute and Restrict to Range’ Metadata Features

Structured custom search allows you to mark up your pages with custom metadata attributes, that can be render with your search results, and also restrict results based on specific attribute values. Google now released 2 additional metadata features:

  • Sort by Attribute: order search results based on values of specific attributes
  • Restrict to Range: only return search results with attributes within a defined range

For e.g., if you mark up your pages with custom metadata attributes, like dates, ratings and prices, you can order your search results by these attributes, such as sort by date, bias towards highly rated items, or restrict to a specific price range.

The Sort by Attribute and Restrict to Range features are a powerful new set of options that gives you a great deal of control over your search application, allowing you to use custom attributes to order and restrict your search results in very powerful ways for your users.

To implement the new features, you must mark up the pages you’re searching with attributes you want to use. You can do this via PageMaps.

Structured CSE: PageMaps

Structured custom search: Sort by Attribute

To apply Sort by Attribute over date-sdate, you set the sort option in the search code for the Element.

More Info: Drilling Deeper into Search Results Documentation


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