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Google Cloud Storage Gets ‘Write Concurrency Control and AppEngine Files API for Java Apps’

Google Cloud Storage: concurrency controls and deeper App Engine integrationGoogle Cloud Storage, a robust, high-performance service that enables developers and businesses to use Google’s infrastructure to store and serve their data today revceived a new experimental feature dubbed “concurrency controls.”

Write concurrency control gives greater control over concurrent writes to the same object, and the availability of an App Engine Files API that makes it easier to read and write data from Java App Engine applications, informs Google.

“A number of our customers have asked us for greater control over concurrent writes, so, we’re announcing the release of version-based concurrency control. Every time you update an object, it gets assigned a 32-bit, monotonically increasing sequence number,” blogged Navneet Joneja, Product Manager.

Adding, “This version number is returned as a header with every GET or HEAD request. You can then use a conditional write operation to manage concurrent updates to the object (for example, when you want read-modify-write semantics),” he said.

AppEngine Files API for Java applications
Last year on October 11, Google launched the ability to read and write Google Cloud Storage data using the App Engine Files API for Python applications. Today, the company has made available the Files API to Java App Engine applications.

This feature is also currently experimental.

If you haven’t tried Google Cloud Storage yet, you can sign up here.

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