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Google Cloud Platform Helping Universities Join Internet2, PowerShell Provider for Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is tapping universities with investing more resources to bring the higher education institutions to its cloud infrastructure, data analytics and machine learning.

To this end, today Google has joined “Internet2”, a US-based not-for-profit consortium to explore how GCP can better serve higher education.

Founded in 1996, Internet2 is a collaborative environment dedicated to advancing new innovations and scientific discoveries for the next generation of research and education in the U.S. It serves “more than 317 U.S. universities, 70 government agencies, 42 regional and state education networks, 80 leading corporations,” google writes. Also, it serves “over 65 national research and education networking from over 100 countries.”

Google also notes, the GCP now serves over one billion end-users through its products and services.

Adding it said, GCP Education Grants, that was launched in June, has “awarded free credits to students for hundreds of courses.”

Also, Google will be making a presence at this week’s annual EDUCAUSE conference in Anaheim, at booth #1800–-and will showcase deomos of range of products and services like “GCP, G Suite for Education (formerly known as Google Apps for Education), Chromebooks, Chrome digital signage, student and faculty programs and the latest in virtual reality,” Google said.

Google’s latest Cloud Tools for PowerShell (included with Cloud SDK for Windows) now includes a PowerShell provider allowing to use commands like cd, dir, copy, del, or even cat to navigate and manipulate data in Google Cloud Storage.

If you’re new, “PowerShell providers are a slick feature of Windows PowerShell that allows you to treat a data source as if it were a file system, to do things like browse the system registry or interact with a SQL Server instance.” In short, “the PowerShell provider for Cloud Storage simplifies a lot of tasks, so give it a whirl and try it for yourself,” Google writes..

Google Cloud Storage is pretty amazing, it offers near-infinite capacity, up to 99.95% availability and fees as low as $0.007GB/month.

“To use provider for Cloud Storage, , you are first require to load GoogleCloud PowerShell module by using any of its cmdlets, PowerShell’s lightweight commands, then cd into gs:\ drive, and now explore your data like you would any local disk,” Google explained. “For seeing buckets available to you, just type dir. And, to navigate buckets and search a specific object, just keep using cd and dir (aliases for Set-Location and Get-ChildItem cmdlets respectively.)”

Follow this document for more information about the provider as well as other PowerShell cmdlets.

Google also today published a new public data set in BigQuery, that contains every pitch from every at bat from all Major League Baseball 2016 regular season and postseason games.

“This data is a derivate of raw game logs from Sportradar, which graciously allowed me to denormalize and enrich for this exercise,” explains Google, adding, “this open data set provides detailed pitch (type, location, speed) and situational factors like runners on base, players in the field, etc.”

In essence, this dataset lets you replay each game as it happened at the pitch level.

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