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Google Chrome OS ‘Single Sign-On (SSO)’ for Chrome Browser revealed

How’ll Google Chrome OS integrate with other browsers aside from the Chrome browser? Will they offer a ‘choice’ or ‘no choice’? Sure, Google’ll not go the wron way; but at the same time, Its a fact that the Chrome browser is tightly integrated with the Chrome OS.  And there seems to be a coherent interplay between these two Google products that’ll be a key ingredient of how they’ll perform. Lee Mathews found a reference to Chrome OS in the source code of Chromium, the open source project that serves as the testing grounds for Google’s Chrome web browser. In the code, a line references something being called the “Chrome OS login manager.” Essentially, this login manager’ll function as a single sign-on (SSO) cookie which’ll simultaneously log you into all Google services including things like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Reader, etc.; –  a status bar contains a clock, an application menu, and a non-working battery indicator; – a ‘compact nav bar’ option is being added to the browser; – browser can now recognize and report Chrome OS on about:version.

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