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Google Chrome ‘Extensions in Incognito, User Interface’ updated

Google is tweaking Chrome’s user interface, to streamline the toolbar, make Omnibox more approachable, and communicate site security information more clearly.

  • When typing into Omnibox, an icon on left will show how your input will be interpreted – such as a magnifying glass for search queries , and a globe for URLs . When you’re not typing, same icon can be dragged to another document to copy current page’s URL, or clicked to reveal information about current site
  • on secure (SSL) site, this icon changes to lock
  • added Extended Validation (EV) certificate holder names , which, like lock, are now at the beginning of Omnibox
  • changed colors & icons used with secure sites to make mixed content more obvious, and avoid confusion about ambiguous colors
  • In some situations, stopped displaying “http://” and/or a slash after hostname. This makes hostname more prominent and URL more readable, and provides more visual distinction between regular and SSL websites (which keep their “https://” prefix). Also lot of work is done to make sure copying & pasting of these URLs continue to work as you would expect.
  • bookmark star icon joined other “page actions” at the right-hand side of Omnibox
  • Stop & Reload have been combined, and Go eliminated, to make things simpler and keep all navigation-related toolbar buttons together
  • Finally, Google now allows running extensions in incognito, — go to Tool menu -> Extensions; each extension has an option to “Allow in incognito”. Turning this on will let extension display page and browser actions in incognito windows, and give them access to browser information originating from an incognito tab. To remove follow same steps and uncheck “Allow…..”


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