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Google+ Badges Now With Unified +1 & Circle Counts, Darker Themes & More Sizes – Google+ Now Open to 13+

Google+ Badges Adds Unified +1 Counts,Darker thems, smaller sizeGoogle in developer preview added more options for integrating the Google+ badge into a website. On November 8, last year, Google+ badges was initially released with only two options: an icon version and a standard badge version. Now, you can now configure a badge with a width that fits your site design and choose a version that works better on darker sites, and a smaller interactive button can be used in tight spaces.

You’ll also see that Google+ badges now include the unified +1 and circle count that was added to Pages last month, blogged Lucy Hadden, Software Engineer, Google+.

This feature will soon available to all users.

When you place a Google+ Badge to your website, visitors can discover your Google+ page and connect in a variety of ways: they can follow your Google+ page, +1 your site, share your site with their circles, see which of their friends have +1’d your site, and click through to visit your Google+ page. In addition, Google states:

“A recent look at top sites using the badge, they found that, on average, the badge accounted for an additional 38% of followers,” stated Hadden.

Google+ Open to Teens 13 Plus oldAlso, Google has changed the age requirements to join its social networking project Google+ — now, in most countries teens ages 13+ years can create a Google Account and join Google+, except: Spain, South Korea and Netherlands.

Bradley Horowitz, Google’s VP of products, said the following of the new target demographic in a Google+ post:

“there are a few tweaks and new default settings for teens. By default, only the people from teens’ circles can trigger notifications and comment on their public posts. If someone outside a teen’s circles joins a hangout, Google+ temporarily removes the teen from the hangout and gives him a chance to rejoin.” Here is the full Horowitz’s statement:

Teens and young adults are the most active Internet users on the planet. And surprise, surprise: they’re also human beings who enjoy spending time with friends and family. Put these two things together and it’s clear that teens will increasingly connect online. Unfortunately, online sharing is still second-rate for this age group.

In life, for instance, teens can share the right things with just the right people (like classmates, parents or close ties). Over time, the nuance and richness of selective sharing even promotes authenticity and accountability. Sadly, today’s most popular online tools are rigid and brittle by comparison, so teens end up over-sharing with all of their so-called “friends.”

With Google+, we want to help teens build meaningful connections online. We also want to provide features that foster safety alongside self-expression. Today we’re doing both, for everyone who’s old enough for a Google Account.

The launch of new Google+ Safety Center includes the following parental control features for teens accounts:

  • Sharing Content
    When a teen tries to share content with someone outside their circle, Google+ will encourage them to think responsibly.

    Google Safety Center Launhces

  • Receiving Notifications
    The default setting only allows the teen to share with people that are in their circles and blocking someone they don’t know only takes on click.

    Google+ now open to 13+ aged users

  • Hanging out with friends
    Since Google+ Hangouts enable people to use video to connect face-to-face, Google+ will remove a teen when a stranger joins the Hangout. However, the teen can rejoin the Hangout if they choose to.

    In addition to an explanation of the Google+ security features for underage users, the Google+ Safety Center also provides valuable resources to teens, parents, and educators. For example, teens can find helpful information related to digital reputation and online bullying.

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