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Google Apps Script Update Released

Google Apps Script lets you customize and automate Google Apps. Google have “released significant updates including: Data interoperability through JDBC (Java Database Connectivity): can connect to any MySQL database, including business databases running on servers behind firewalls; Custom user interfaces for scripts: Google Apps Premier Edition users can now script GUI elements & menus; Standalone invocation of scripts: to call a script from any website, so you’re able to build web pages where users can submit entries that’ll be collected in a Google spreadsheet; More integrations with other Google properties such as with Google Docs and Google Maps add ability to create & modify files in Google Documents List and retrieve directions from Google Maps. Check out our new scripts templates to try out some of the common tasks and processes that this new version of Google Apps Script can easily simplify and automate. One of our favorites is the Map Mail Merge script. Let’s say you need to send conference invitations to 100 email recipients in your team’s database. Generating and sending custom invitations can be tedious, but Google Apps Script automates the process, including individualized door-to-door driving directions,” writes Google.


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